The value of working with Sarah

Happy Heart Health is a coaching service that guides clients to optimal health and well being. Sarah works with high achieving women who are dedicated to improving their quality of life through nutrition and self care. The greatest and most immediate improvement Sarah's clients experience is greater energy and confidence which allows them to live life to the fullest! Through goal setting, sustainable lifestyle changes, and a supportive environment, you will achieve tremendous results! Imagine having more energy, feeling better in your body, improving your fitness, greater productivity, and a happier, healthier life!


I worked with Sarah for 7 months, and in that short time she truly transformed my eating habits. Sarah’s knowledge and passion for nutrition made it easy for me to adopt the concept behind what I should be eating and why. Her approach creates long lasting habits and a lifestyle change for her clients.
— Heidi C
Sarah’s passion to guide me through the path to achieve my goals has pushed me to make life changes that make me eat, think, and act differently...Ultimately, our coaching sessions and her ongoing support changed the way I feel now with more energy, self-love, and more self-care.
— Andrea C.
Each session with Sarah focused on making improvements and learning something new to put into practice in my life. Sarah has great ideas and motivates you to stay on track. Not only does she teach you about food, she also helps you improve your personal lifestyle, such as sleep quality, exercise and other habits that have a very positive impact on our health.
— Gabriella T.